About Us

We are a group of professional tour guides with more than twenty years of experience. Our job like guides and tour conductors has motivated to put in practice our knowledge about Peru. Our purpose is to offer tours and also the information that you need for your trip in Peru.

Our web site has unpublished information of the tourist places to visit, with maps, plans and pictures, designed by our own team of professionals who actualized it permanently.

Whether you are looking for cheap packages or daily tours in Peru you can find them here.

We offer as well shore excursions for cruises from Callao, Salaverry and San Martin Ports to visit Machu Picchu, Lima City, Pachacamac, Larco Museum or Trujillo City, Chan Chan, Huacas del Sol y la Luna,Huanchaco. San Martin Port in Pisco, is another important point where we offer shore excursions to make a visit to Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Reserve.

Shore Excursions from Callao

Lima Historic Excursion
60.00 USD

City Tour and Larco Museum 
85.00 USD

Pachacamac Excursion 
60.00 USD

Shore Excursion from San Martin

Ballestas and Paracas Excursion 
80.00 USD

Shore Excursion from Salaverry

Trujillo Excursion
65.00 USD

Special Private Excursion

Machu Picchu Expedition 
850.00 USD