A Magic Day in Trujillo

Trujillo, Chan Chan - Seaotters

ITINERARY: (Reference Time).
Approximate Duration: 6 1/2 hours.

00:00 hours - We go out from the Port to Huacas del Sol and La Luna.
00:30 hours - We arrive in the Huacas de Moche Complex where will visit the temple of the Moon (Huaca de La Luna).

Huaca de La Luna is in excavation from 1991, the project is led by Peruvian archaeologists from the National University of Trujillo. The main sponsor is the Backus Foundation that belongs to the biggest beer company in Peru.

Huaca de La Luna has very impressive murals in color with the depiction of the Moche god called AIA PAEC. Its façade preserves reliefs in mud with designs of different people such us: fishermen, prisoners, warriors and dancers and as well magical animals like: spiders, reptiles and snikes.

1:30 hours - We go to the historic center of Trujillo.
2:00 hours -Visit of the Main Square, Urquiaga and Emancipation houses.

The Urquiaga mansion is property of Banco Central de Reserva del Perú. There is a good collection of pottery, rococo furniture, the desk that was used by Simon Bolivar and an important dinner set offered by the Liberator to Juan Antonio Ochaita y Urquiaga in 1824.

The Emancipation mansion was the site where the Marquis Torre Tagle planned the Independence of Trujillo, which was proclaimed on December 29, 1820. It was the site of the First Constituent Congress and Government Palace with Riva Agüero president. It exhibits the scale model of the historic center of Trujillo during colonial times.

3:00 hours - This is the time to go to Chan Chan.
3:30 hours - We are in the archaeological site of Chan Chan. The tour is for about one hour.

Chan Chan was the political and administrative capital of the Chimu Kingdom. Its original extension covered about 24 km2 that is why is considered “The World’s largest Mud Brick City ”. On November 28, 1986 , Chan Chan was declared “World Heritage” by the UNESCO.

We will visit the only one area open to the tourists that it is called Tschudi or Nik An Palace. The walls preserve reliefs with the depiction of seaotters, pelicans, cormorants, fishing nets and other sea symbols. During the tour You will find ceremonial plazas, small altars, patios, storerooms, a ceremonial well and finally the funerary platform where the Chimu king was buried.

4:40 hours - We go out to the fishing village of Huanchaco.  
5:00 hours-We are in Huanchaco to see the reed boats "Caballitos de Totora". 

Huanchaco is an ancient fishing village where the fishermen have preserved the ancestral use of the “small horse reed boats” that were used by the Moche and the Chimu people. During the colonial times, Huanchaco was a port that lost its importance during the 1870's, when Salaverry port was founded. Then, in 1891, it was built the wharf with a length of 108 meters . It is preserved until now.

5:30 hours - Return to Salaverry port.
6:00 hours - We arrive in the port.               

- Car with air-conditioning.
- Professional tour guide in English, French or Spanish.
- Entrances fees for the sites to visit.

COST IN GROUP (16 people maximum): 65.00 American dollars per person.

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