Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Reserve

Sea lions in Ballestas Islands
ITINERARY: (The timetable change according to the cruise line)
Approximate Duration: 6 hours.

We will pick up you from San Martin Port.

We will drive for about 25 minutes for arriving in Paracas where will take our speedboat to the Ballestas Islands. During the route we will see the Candelabra a similar figure the Nazca lines. From here we will continue sailing offshore for fifteen more minutes and we will arrive at the Ballestas Islands, where we will see rock formations and a variety of marine species, sea lions, Humboldt penguins, chuitas, guanays, pelicans, oystercatchers’ tendrils, thousands of sea birds and sea lions.

Candelanbra in Paracas Reserve

After this visit we will take our car to the National Reserve of Paracas where will visit the Interpretation Center that offers information about the history of the Reserve and details about the fauna of this protected area. Another very important site in our tour is the visit of the Julio C. Tello Museum that received in 2018 the award of "Best New Museum in Latin America" in London (Leading Culture Destinations Awards). We will know here about the Paracas culture and the practice of trepanation of skulls, an early form of brain surgery whereby a disk was cut from the front of the cranium.

Julio C. Tello Museum

Then we will make a walk on the bay of Paracas, to observe the birds flamingos red-winged birds and white breast, also we will tour the Paracas Peninsula, watching the colorful desert red, yellow, formations made by wind and visiting beautiful beaches, watching the variety of migratory and endemic birds, we as well visit: Supay, Yumaque and Red beaches, then at time indicated we will return to San Martin Port.


- Car with air-conditioning.
- English speaking tour guide.
- Boat ticket to Ballestas Islands.
- Entrance fees.

COST IN GROUP (16 people maximum): 80.00 American dollars per person.

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