Lima: Pachacamac Expedition

Lima,Pachacamac Sanctuary

ITINERARY: (The timetable change according to the cruise lines).
Approximate Duration: 4 1/2 hours.

We will visit the archaeological site of Pachacamac, located about one hour from Callao port. It was the most important religious sanctuary in this region. It is placed on the right riverbank of Lurín River and occupies an area of 200 hectares.

The sanctuary was built during the influence of the Wari civilization and was in use during the Inca Empire until the time when the Spaniards looted the site and destroy the wooden idol of Pachacamac.

We will walk to visit the different sections of the complex such as: the Accllahuasi or the temple of the Moon, the Plaza of the Pilgrims and the temple of the Sun.

The Temple of the Sun
This construction is 40 meters height, it is the tallest in the sanctuary and the best preserved.
- The Temple Primigenio 
It is a construction made in small adobes that permit to suppose it was one of the first structures of the place.
The historical remains point out the facade in front the sea was the best decorated. This building presents vain trapezoidal reason why it is possible to indicate that it was built during the Inca time.
- The Taurichumpi Complex
It is known with this name because of was the residence of the curaca Taurichumpi during the Spanish invasion.

Other constructions are: the Temple of the Moon or Acllahuasi, the Plaza of the Pilgrims, the Group of Huacas or Palacios and the Pachacamac temple.                  

- Car with air-conditioning.
- Professional tour guide in English, French or Spanish.
- Entrances fees for the sites to visit.

COST IN GROUP (10 people maximum): 60.00 American dollars per person.

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